Watching Water Boil

Now comes the hardest part of setting up OMUNKY, waiting. Everything is ready for my launch. Accounts with various companies have been created, payments have been made, a following has been obtained, but we still have one problem; I have no t-shirts!

It’s all waiting from now until launch. The tees are being made with my exact specifications intact. They will not be arriving for another 2 weeks!

In the meantime I will be creating several designs that I will unveil over the course of several months. I have been coming up with some wonderful ideas that will take this company in great directions.

I banged out 2 fantastic designs in the last few days. People close to me expressed satisfaction on the outcome of these pieces. I too find that my skills in coming up with clothing creations is growing with each new design.

So anyways, I am really writing to say that I will not be blogging about OMUNKY again until i have something to blog about, which means no new posts for a few weeks.

So carry on with your lives, enjoy the company of your friends and family, read a good book, get involved in a new show, think outside the box. You will be older and wiser individuals by the time you set eyes on OMUNKY again.

For those of you who simply cannot get enough of this boundary breaking company you can always follow me on Twitter or fan my OMUNKY Facebook page.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July and I will be back soon!

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