Things are picking up…

Hello MUNKY-Heads! Can I call you MUNKY-Heads??? No? Sorry…

Ahem, I am going to try and keep all of you updated as often as I can. When I have big news, I will try my hardest not to keep it from you. This is how all bad relationships start, me not being honest, you having your doubts etc. etc.

Anyways good news! A new shirt is on the way! Everyone, meet Harry-Hippo! Harry is really digging his new digital music player. He has spent countless hours making playlist after playlist to help him enjoy his sun-bathing down by the river. The only problem is the word is out! Now Harry can’t stop annoying ox-peckers from swiping his music! They keep messing with his playlists, changing the default language on the player, and just causing endless pandemonium. I mean what is a Hippo supposed to do!?

HAHA, anyways, this shirt will be printed on a recycled-blue tee. It will look awesome and will definitely attract the famous OMUNKY double-take from passerby’s.

I am also in the process of creating the second phase of OMUNKY, belts. I am not looking to just make another t-shirt company, there are plenty of those. I want to eventually have OMUNKY pants, button-downs, hoodies, jackets, you name it! So the belts will be the first step, and man are they ever going to look awesome!? I cannot reveal anymore on this subject until I have some actual word from the manufacturer, but we shall see…

Anyways have a good week MUNKYHEADS! Yea, that’s right! I said it again!

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