Time to Restock

I have made a ton of sales in the past few days. I have sold almost
double my total shirts in the last couple of days.

This, of course, means I am running out of shirts. I’m out of stock in
a few different sizes. It is time to order more!

I am approaching the obtaining of my merchandise a little differently
than I did the last time. Up until recently I was getting my shirts
tagged and printed at the same place far away from me. They were then
shipped to me all ready to belong to one of my customers. This time
around I am getting the shirts from one place and I am having them
printed at another place very near me. I chose to do this so that I
could be more involved in the creation process. I want to meet my
shirt printers face to face, to get a feel for how they operate. I
would also like to be able to talk to someone personally in case there
are errors with my printing.

I have everything all set up for my next run and I am very excited. I
am pleased to announce that OMUNKY will now be offering women’s sizes.
A lot of my facebook fans are women, so this was a logical choice. I
will also make available other clothing items (that is all the info
you will get on that for now :-).

I am leaving for a trip to Spain this Friday. I have never been and I
am really excited. I will tweet about it when I am there and I will
write about it when I get back. Do not worry, I am leaving OMUNKY in
capable hands until I get back.

Feel free to leave comments on this blog, I would enjoy your feedback.
Ta ta for now!

Rick Waters

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