Spain and more!

Hello all, I am back! I promised I would write, and here I am, keeping the trust flowing well between us. How are all of you MUNKY-heads (Oh I will definitely keep using that one)? I am very jet-lagged right now so forgive me if my grammar isn’t up to your standards.

Spain, was wonderful!

Lucky for us our flight was mid-day, so there was no waking up really early to rush to the airport ordeal. Those are never fun, and totally not worth it in my opinion. So you arrive at your location when it is still light out, big deal! You are cranky and no-one wants to hang out with you, so what’s the point?

The only problem is that because Spain is around 7 hours away, and the time difference is 6 hours ahead, our mid-day flight turned into a red-eye. It didn’t help that we were stuck on the runway for over an hour…ugh!

So we arrived in Marbella, Spain, and everybody was ready to kill one another. There were a few moments where I was glad no-one was carrying any form of weapons. We got the sleep we so desperately needed and all became well, despite an attempted attack by a bottle of suntan lotion. We stayed at the Marriott Playa Andaluza, in Estepona.

I would like to take this moment to comment on Spain, or at least the area we stayed in. When we were all cranky and tired from our flight, the last thing I wanted to do was to drive awhile to our hotel. But that’s how it ended up.

Driving in Spain was….interesting. Since I speak minimal Spanish, trying to find your way around was pretty difficult. Europeans do not care if you are lost or confused, they were yelling and honking and flashing their lights, I might as well have been back in NYC.

There were two days that top the list as the best parts of my vacation. First was Gibraltar; This British territory was one of the most fascinating days of my entire life! We got a cab to take us up the Rock of Gibraltar. This was the entire reason I decided to go on the trip in the first place. At the top of the Rock, you encounter the Barbary Apes! They were everywhere! Monkeys on buses, on railings, on my shoulder! They had no problems hanging out with humans, they were not afraid at all. My goal was to have a monkey on me and that goal was reached!

The second highlight of my trip to Spain was a day trip to Morocco. This was a spur of the moment event, but well worth it. I rode a camel, ate Moroccan food, all while following what had to be the Godfather of Morocco, Hazam was very tall and imposing, spoke around 8 different languages, and did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted to. I could have sworn I saw him give evil looks to various locals. He was definitely the guy you wanted watching your back. Oh yea, and my dad fell off of a camel, no big deal.

Overall, Spain was a wonderful trip, even though most of the great moments were not spent there. If I could change anything about the country, it would have to be the freeways. Misplaced exit signs, but I loved the “Cambio de Sentidos”! They were the exits you got off of to turn around. Apparently they are aware of their ridiculous roads and are attempting to fix the problem. Glad to hear it!

Goodbye MUNKY-heads! Be on the lookout for new items coming soon on OMUNKY site!

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