New Tee and Women Sizes

Hello all. Just wanted to make a quick post to give you an update.

First off, we have a new OMUNKY Tee! World, meet Gabe the Getaway Gorilla:

Getaway Gorilla Tee Image“Gabe the Gorilla has had it! He is tired of being so low on the Ape totem-pole. All the other Gorillas get to eat before him, they are always making him do chores like sweeping the sleeping areas and cleaning up the leftover food. He is fed up with this!

So Gabe is leaving.

He is packing his favorite backpack and he is heading north to some magical place called Alaska, where there are no Gorillas around to tell him what to do. Gabe the Getaway Gorilla will be the Alpha Ape of Alaska. he just needs your help. Purchase a t-shirt so that Gabe can afford a bus ticket. He’s getting tired of hitchhiking…”

This shirt is OMUNKY’s first multi-colored tee, and it includes a cool looking OMUNKY logo on the left sleeve!
Also, thanks to many requests, I have included women sizes for the Getaway Gorilla shirt, as well as the OMUNKY brand shirt (now in a new ink color) and the Harry Hippo. Since they do not make recycled cotton shirts in ladies’ cuts, I decided to go ahead and get them in Organic cotton. Please don’t protest too much.
That is all for this post. Enjoy the new tees!

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