Moving forward.

Hello all, how have things been on your end?

Well, thanks for asking. Ever since I launched the Getaway Gorilla tee, OMUNKY has had steady sales. I understand the company is very new, but when you go from selling a couple of shirts a week to a few a day, its nice.

I have already finished the design of my October tee, and I have to say I am getting extremely happy with the direction this company and its clothing are going. This new shirt (no name yet) takes a lot of cues from the Getaway shirt in terms of style and presentation etc. It will also be printed on an organic cotton t-shirt, just like Gabe! I have decided to only print single color, transparent designs on the recycled cotton tees. Since this shirt will feature at least 2 colors, I have to go organic.

Also, I have set up an OMUNKY newsletter that I will use to tell everyone about new tees and promotions. If you have not subscribed to the mailing list you may do so here.

I would like to add another passage from 365 Ways To Save The Earth by Phillipe Bourseiller:

“Do not let the children play with water. It seems to us so natural that our taps deliver clean water that we assume it is a lifetime guarantee to everyone. This is not the case. Every morning, millions of people walk several miles to collect the water that is essential to meet their modest needs. The average African woman walks more than 3.5 miles per day to obtain water for her family-or the equivalent of a marathon every week” (5,22).

Well that is all for this post. Visit the website to check out our slight makeover! Peace!

Source: Bourseiller, Philippe. 365 Ways to Save the Earth. Paris; Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2005.

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