Hello October!

Ahh, anyone else like watching the leaves change? Anyone? Hello?

What’s happening MUNKY-Heads! Are you read to hear some great news? We have a new OMUNKY t-shirt available!
Image of MUNKY Tree tee
MUNKY Tree. Yup that’s the name. Nothing crazy for this month, just a cool looking t-shirt with a monkey sitting next to a tree. Of course it is so much more than that! This shirt is for all of you who have to take a time out from life. This is your private little spot, where you can just get away from all the trials and tribulations that life throws your way.

This shirt is printed on very soft 100% organic cotton! It comes in a cool color called City Green. Its darker than Army Green but lighter than Forrest Green.

Also, since you guys have been so awesome in regards to OMUNKY, its time to announce a special sale! Both Joe MUNKY and The OMUNKY Brand tee are now available for only $20! That’s right, now you can own a piece of OMUNKY history. Take home the two original shirts that started it all!

I will add a personal blog post later this week, but for right now I am swamped…ahhhh!!!!

Later Peeps…


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