Halloween is upon us.

Halloween is my favorite of all the commercialized holidays. One of my favorite things to do is to decorate the house, and turn it into something spooky. It is my feeling that if you are too scared to approach my house, you do not deserve to have any of my delicious candy. Those brave few who muster up the courage to walk past the glowing pumpkin heads, who ignore the frightening sounds coming from my speakers (100% original Halloween sounds fyi),who can ascend the few steps to reach my door, thus making it through the smoke and spider webs, well they are the ones who get to munch on my assortment of mini chocolate bars and skittles.

Sadly, I will be working this Halloween, and not on OMUNKY. I mean let’s be realistic, did you think OMUNKY could support me after only a few months, oh I wish good sir, I wish…

I will be working at my “other job” on Halloween, but its ok. They are having a huge party which I will attend when I am done. It should be fun, and I look forward to showing everyone what I am dressed as this year.

So, as for OMUNKY business, we are having a SAAALLLLEEE!!! That’s right, starting today until the first of November, get a sweet discount on OMUNKY apparel. Plus, check out the redesigned Halloween site.

Thats is all for now, hope everyone enjoys their holiday.

See you in November!

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