Moving on up

Hello all, and welcome to November! It is almost 2010…ahh!!! Where did the year go?

This actually really excites me. I get chills for a few seconds thinking about what new and wonderful things OMUNKY will be involved in next year. This indie store has grown so much in the last few months, I wonder what next year will bring?

So it hasn’t snowed yet in New York, and I can’t remember if it is supposed to. I have been in Florida for the last few years so I don’t know when to expect the first snowfall; feel free to let me know in the comment section. I will probably move back next year, that is pending OMUNKY of course.

There are pros and cons to living in FL instead of NY. My girlfriend is there, and it would be nice to see her more often. FL has wonderful weather most of the year, but the summer months are brutal! You really have to tone down your body movements during those months, because if you think too hard, you sweat! I like watching the seasons change in NY, but it is just too darn expensive here, and a bit strange to own a t-shirt company during the winter months. I really have to do some serious thinking about what location I would like to end up in. Anyone have any thoughts on North Carolina?

Anyways, on to OMUNKY! We have a new shirt out for the month of November, and it is called “Candy Bars in Flight,” about a Raccoon and the lengths he will travel to try and catch his favorite chocolate bar. To read the full story behind the shirt, visit the site here.

This shirt is printed on a black 100% organic cotton tee and is available in  mens, womens, and long-sleeve sizes! It is the first OMUNKY tee to be 100% American-made; I have upgraded the quality of my OMUNKY tees. This shirt looks and feels better on the wearer. I think I will be using this manufacturer from now on.

I have also added Ladies X-Small to my size options for this shirt, as well as to the MUNKY Tree, our last month’s tee. I discovered this problem last month when I noticed not a lot of young women were buying my tees. After my sister tried on one of my women’s sizes, I noticed that even the small sizes were just not tight enough to really appeal to the shirts girls wear these days. I have sent one of my x-smalls to my girlfriend’s house in FL so that she can test the size for me.

Here is another excerpt from 365 Ways To Save The Earth by Phillipe Bourseiller:

“Switch off your television and computer.

The average American household now watches 8 hours of television daily, and television uses 55 to 90 watts per hour. One computer left on all day for a year releases 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Even “sleep” mode does not save as much energy as simply turning the computer off. Screen savers are also deceptive, for they do not save energy.

Plug all of your computer equipment into a single surge-protector for easy shut-down. And don’t forget to turn off your desk lamp!” (11,1)

Whenever I know I am going to be away from my home office for over 2 hours, I shut my computer off. Leaving your computer in sleep mode is great for when you want to leave for a little and then come back to the same open windows and programs. But if you are going to be gone for a considerable amount of time, such as to go to work or to a friend’s house, shut your beast off! It is just a small way of showing your concern for the world around you.

Thanks so much, MUNKY-heads, for keeping up with my blog and monitoring the progress of my company. I look forward to presenting even more crazy ideas for you to wear in the future. Ta ta!

Source: Bourseiller, Philippe. 365 Ways to Save the Earth. Paris; Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2005.

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2 Responses to Moving on up

  1. myra manning says:

    "I have also added Ladies X-Small to my size options for this shirt, as well as to the MUNKY Tree, our last month's tee. I discovered this problem last month when I noticed not a lot of young women were buying my tees." Great idea. I have a smaller frame myself and have a difficult time finding shirts that fit right. I'm sure it will help with sales too.

  2. Rick W says:

    Yea, so far so good. I sent one of my MUNKY Tree tees to my girlfriend, one of the reasons I got the X-Small. She looks fabulous in it, so I am hoping to gain more purchases from the smaller framed lot.

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