First off before we get started I would like to thank the folks over at IAMTHETREND for being awesome and showing off my new OMUNKY tee, Candy Bars in Flight. You can watch the video here. They talked a little before showing the shirt so if you would like to skip that and see the OMUNKY tee conversation, it is at around 10:13 into the video.

I would also like to thank Bo over at Loving This Tee for her fabulous write up of OMUNKY’s Harry Hippo shirt. I would much rather read an article on my shirts that has some heart put into it, than to see someone just copy and paste my shirt descriptions into their blog.

So I am loving the attention OMUNKY is getting lately. When you first start out an online clothing company, at least in my opinion, you feel very alone out there in the world wide web. You set up these stat counters to monitor how many people are actually visiting your site, and it makes you sad when you realize not many people know you or your brand exist. I’m sure this is pretty standard with a lot of new brands.

But now the time has come where OMUNKY is receiving the attention it deserves! People are writing about it, posting links and it is wonderful. The best part of my day is when I wake up and check my internet (I am not rushing to my computer peoples, I use my phone!), and find that I have received mail from a random person telling me he/she digs my designs and to keep it up. I just want to let everyone know that I read every single piece of email that is sent to me and that I appreciate your comments =)

I am just finishing up the design for December’s tee, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I love everyone of my designs for different reasons and I think this new one will be very popular. In terms of design skill, I think my raccoon shirt tops the others. It just had more detail in it and the shadows and highlights were top notch in my book. This new design will take that concept to the next level. It contains more scenery than my last shirt and will be available on the 1st of December!

Well Thanksgiving is on the way and that means “Black Friday” will soon follow. OMUNKY is not sending out discount codes or coupons for this “special” occasion. Instead, allow me to treat you to FREE SHIPPING! That’s right, no matter where you are from, head to the OMUNKY store on 11/27 and pick up an OMUNKY tee or belt!

Aren’t you blog readers lucky…. You get to find out about this long before I tell any of my other social media followers…haha!

Well that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this read!

ta ta


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  1. Mark Golding - The Healing Creative says:

    Good cool funky blog!

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