Welcome to the Web (plus a sale!)

Hello MUNKY-heads, how has your last month of ’09 been treating you? I know it’s crazy to think that soon we will have lived an entire decade in the 21st Century! I’m just hoping 2010 turns out to be a better year for everyone. If all goes according to my plan, OMUNKY will have grown enough for me to be able to move back down to Florida, to live once again in paradise!

I keep very close watch on OMUNKY’s monthly loss and gains financially. One thing that is hard to miss is the decrease in local sales. For most of OMUNKY’s run, I could count on getting a substantial amount of orders from people who live near me. My mom and kid brother have had an intense competition going on since July of who has garnered me the most sales (I think currently my mom is the winner). But lately this local attention has started to die down. Maybe it is due to the weather, maybe people have bought a few tees and they want to enjoy them before they spend their hard earned money on more. All I know is it makes me a little sad to not see the looks on people’s faces when I present them their shirts.

On the flip side, the attention and sales I am getting from the OMUNKY website more than makes up for the local problem. I love checking my email and finding a payment from a name I do not recognize. Perhaps it is because I haven’t done it for that long, but I like getting an order all packaged up and ready to ship. So online peeps, keep up the love!

So in preparations for the Christmas Holiday, OMUNKY is having a nice little sale. Type in “MerryMUNKY” at checkout to receive 15% off your order. This offer will expire on December 18th. I am telling you, nothing would make your gift recipient happier than to know they are rocking a shirt from OMUNKY. Not only are they good for the environment, but its a pretty good chance you will be the only person wearing one where you live. I mean one day I hope things will be different, but come on, let’s be realistic here…

For a great article on why you should shop indie clothing brands as opposed to getting your clothes from your local mall or target, check out iamthetrend’s article here.

And here’s another excerpt from 365 Ways To Save The Earth by Phillipe Bourseiller:

“Turn down your heating by 5 degrees F.

Our homes are often heated to excess. The ideal living room temperature is 68

Buildings are a major source of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. Two-thirds of the energy used by buildings is for heating and hot water. Carefully managing our domestic heating allows us to minimize global warming and to avoid further polluting the air around us.

Our homes are heated to excess. The ideal living room temperature is 68 degrees F, and bedrooms are healthier at 64. Each 5 degree increase in temperature produces a 7% to 11% increase in energy consumption (depending on how well-insulated your home is). Use your heat wisely and insulate well” (1,2).

This one is an easy one for me. I am a person who is always hot. I have always been able to tolerate the cold better than the next guy. My house is kept pretty cold so its nice when you go to bed during the winter months and get to pile the blankets on top of you. That is something I missed while living in Florida.

Well I think it is time for another poll! The more you guys participate the more I can mold OMUNKY into the best eco-friendly indie brand.

Well that is all my fingers can take for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season! Who knows, maybe you will get another post before the end of the year. Maybe, maybe not….hehe


Source: Bourseiller, Philippe. 365 Ways to Save the Earth. Paris; Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2005.
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