Happy 2010!

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe we have lived a decade into the new millennium! Let’s hope 2010 will bring with it some good times for everyone. My new years resolution is to make OMUNKY bigger and better. I want to expand to other types of clothing such as socks, pants, and boxers, maybe even some OMUNKY polos. Who knows? All I can say is that this clothing company is going to grow and it’s going to be great!

To start the year off, it is time to introduce OMUNKY’s new tee for January 2010! The shirt is called “MUNKY-view”, and I think it pretty much speaks for itself. But in-case you require one of the all-too-amazing OMUNKY stories, here goes:

Image of "MUNKY-view" tee

“One of the great things about MUNKYs is that they can find fun in anything. Stick them in a office environment and they will turn it into their playground (those memos will definitely not be making it to HR anytime soon).

Objects will be thrown, people will scream, things will get messy. But a little known fact about MUNKYs is that they have one terrible weakness, something that can bring them to a sudden and final halt:

Reality TV…

It is very morose to see a MUNKY walk down that dark path. As soon as their eyes meet the television screen, they are gone, finished. Whatever traces of their former wilder days are lost forever! Watching these shows with eyes glazed over, they care about nothing else but what happens on the next episode! Who is going to fight with whom? Is someone getting kicked off an island? When will these two stop fighting and hug it out? It’s a sad state of affairs to see such a lovely creature fall to the entertainment industry.

If only MUNKYs knew how to operate the on/off switch…”

January’s tee is printed on 100% USA made Organic-cotton! Woohoo! So pick one up today, it comes in both mens and womens sizes.

Special Announcement

So every month I present you with a new shirt, and you guys go check it out on the site, and some of you even buy some,

and the world goes ’round and ’round as it always does. Well it is time I introduced you to my latest OMUNKY surprise. This new shirt is special compared to all my previous ones, not only because I think the design is awesome, and the print quality is off the chain, but because when you by “MUNKY-view” you are making a difference. Every time you purchase this month’s tee, 5% of your purchase will be donated to WildAid. As an eco-friendly company, it is OMUNKY’s responsibility to give a little back to the world. If you would like to find out a little bit more about WildAid, you can visit the support these causes section of the OMUNKY site.

Thank You

I would just like to take this time to thank everyone for a great first year on behalf of OMUNKY. When I started this clothing company, I had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought I wouldn’t sell a single shirt. But boy did you guys prove me wrong! Thanks to your continued support, I was able to release eight completely unique designs in half a year! I look forward to surprising you indefinitely and hope you stick with me to watch how great I’m going to make this. Please keep up the great work of spreading the word. Tell your friends, bring it up in conversation, send emails, make phone calls, do whatever you can to help OMUNKY grow. In return, I will do my best to make this company the most unique, creative, and fun clothing store you have ever seen!
Thanks again, and have a Happy 2010!


Rick Waters

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2 Responses to Happy 2010!

  1. Emilie says:

    Woooo! Congrats on making it to 2010 intact! The new shirt and new charity is great! 😀

  2. omunky says:

    Thanks. Maybe I will get a sweet write-up about it by you…

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