New Year, New Ideas

So I injured my hand yesterday and have, unfortunately, found out that I can neither hold a pencil or operate a computer mouse correctly. This of course means that I will have to hold off on the design aspect of this job and work on other things. Since I feel I have been ignoring this blog as of late, I guess it’s time to write a new post!

OMUNKY has been a little slow for most of January, which is expected. It’s hard for you to want to purchase new things when you just received a huge credit card bill (thanks to your extravagant spending for last month’s holidays). Every retailer expects this to happen during this month, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

December was such a great month for OMUNKY. The constant comments on my facebook fan page, the numerous mentions on twitter, and let’s not forget the many orders thanks to the major holidays! I wish that steady stream of attention could last the entire year! I will miss last month…

But do not fret! I’m certainly not. Some great things are in store for the world of OMUNKY. I usually like to surprise you guys with news such as this, but I just can’t keep it bottled in any longer. Two great things are happening here. First, the OMUNKY tees are being upgraded yet again (let’s hope for the last time)! The new shirts will be the most comfortable tees you have ever worn. They will be soft and extremely breathable! Plus, they will still be 100% organic cotton and made in the good ‘ol USA!!!

The second topic might be even better than the first. Finally, after your much appreciated patience, starting with next months tee, OMUNKY will now be offering youth sizes! I cannot tell you how many emails I have received requesting this, and I guess it makes sense. OMUNKY tees aren’t exactly the most mature you will find on the web. I have to cater to my audience, and my audience loves cartoons, still regards girls as gross, and hates taking baths!

Next month’s tee will be fabulous, there is no question about that. I have been told by many that it is my best work to date! Now that it will be printed on a top-of-the-line tee, and will come in much more various sizes, I think it’s going to be a sure-fire winner!

Thanks to a wonderful Holiday gift from my girlfriend, I know have an updated version of 365 Ways To Save The Earth by Phillipe Bourseiller:

“Refuse to buy objects made from Ivory.

Massacred for the ivory that is its defense against attack, the African elephant has almost disappeared from the planet. In Kenya and Tanzania, about 70,000 African elephants were killed each year between 1975 and 1980. Between 1980 and 2000, their number fell from 1.4 million to 400,000.

Although the international ivory trade was banned in 1990, ivory jewelry and statuettes can still be bought in African and Asian markets. Traders may offer to sell ivory objects illegally. Do not yield to the temptation to buy them. This encourages trafficking and, since the trade is illegal, you will not be allowed to take them home” (1,17).

As you  already know, OMUNKY is a big supporter of WildAid. Their purpose is to end illegal wildlife trade. If you have a moment, I encourage you to visit their site and show your support. It scares me think majestic animals such as tigers and elephants may not be around for our children to see.

Well that is all for now, I hope you are enjoying this month’s OMUNKY tee, and I cannot wait to show you next months!

Ta ta!


Source: Bourseiller, Philippe. 365 Ways to Save the Earth: New and Updated Edition. Paris; Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2008.
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