One month into 2010

So does it feel like 2010 yet? I can’t tell the difference. I guess it’s hard to make any big changes in just one month. I hope everyone is enjoying their second decade into the new millenium (is it still considered new?).

I am really happy with how well things are turning out for OMUNKY. The special attention this company has received in this month alone makes this whole dream of mine worth it! I did a random Google search for “OMUNKY” and was just amazed at all the different pages dedicated to it. I even stumbled upon a few blog write-ups that I didn’t know existed! I want to thank the writer(s) of for the excellent post about OMUNKY and one of my tees. Other tee-bloggers (and you know who you are), thanks for spreading the word and keeping my vision alive.

We’re Number 1!

I would also like to take this time to thank the folks over at (and Bo from Lovingthistee) for their excellent write-up about the top 15 Eco-Friendly Tees. Guess who they picked for number 1? No, not them. No, not them either….ugh.

Right! It was OMUNKY’s MUNKY-view tee! The star of last month’s new tee blog post. It just goes to show that there are definitely a few people out there with some serious taste in eco-friendly gear! (Ok, time to turn off the ego-button)

Tiger Time!

Okie doke, let’s get this show on the road! It’s time to welcome everybody to February, and what better way to do that than to finally reveal the first OMUNKY tee that actually made me LOL. Imagine that! My dog, Casey, must have thought I had officially lost it when I started cracking up in front of my computer screen. Little does he know I lost it way before then….hehe…

So without further ado, I give you: Tiger Turmoil, and here’s the official story for this baby:

“The tiger, the largest land carnivore, is a solitary hunter. With its extreme strength and agility, it will often take down its prey with sudden force after emerging from a perfectly concealed hiding spot.

The tiger is so strong that it is able to…to.. to….

Oh my! What is that!? Ahhh! Is it moving? Ew! Get it away, get it away! Just swat it off or something! Ugh….

Well I just totally lost my train of thought. Where were we?”

…And that’s the story. Short and sweet! Any questions? This is one fabulous tiger tee. It’s not just because the design is great, but I am talking about the actual shirt. Once again, OMUNKY has upgraded its organic-cotton tees. Ever since I started this company I have been on a mad shirt hunt, trying to find you guys the best eco-friendly tees available. Not only are these new tees a lighter weight than my previous ones, but they look better, and, most importantly, they feel better, too. When you put this bad boy on, you are not going to want to take it off. But please do, nobody wants to have to deal with that smell…

Also, good news for all of you parents out there. Starting with Tiger Turmoil, OMUNKY will now be offering youth sizes! Now your children can strut their stuff in the shirts you’ve adored all these years (haha). No longer will your kids be outcasts of recess. Forget the days of having to eat their lunch at the bottom of the jungle gym. With a nice outfit featuring a fabulous tiger tee, your little angels will now become the alpha dogs of the playground, gaining the fear and respect from all of their peers that they’ve so craved.


I know I must have confused a few of you newsletter readers last month. After writing this post, and stating that 5% of my last shirt would go to the WWF, I decided I would rather focus on a more pressingsituation. My donations now go to another organization that I closely follow and support. WildAid works to stop illegal wildlife trade and allows threatened species to recover to safe levels. It wasn’t pure coincidence that I chose a tiger for this month’s tee release. February 14th is the Chinese New Year and will mark the beginning of the “Year of the Tiger”. Many organizations believe that this can only cause trouble for an already dwindling species. There is fear that due to this new year, Tiger products will become more in demand and the species may face extinction! Along with last month’s tee, 5% of your purchase will be donated to WildAid to help stop these crimes against endangered species.


Well I hope you guys had a great beginning of the new year. Here comes February! With each month you can expect more goodness from my creative eco-friendly apparel store. I hope you enjoy this month’s tee as much as I do (seriously, aren’t tigers everyone’s favorite animal?). I cannot wait to see your reactions (those of you who purchase the tee), when you open up the package that contains your goodies, and you feel the softness and quality of these new OMUNKY shirts! Have a great month and I will talk to you in March! Thanks again to everyone for your support!


Rick Waters

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