New month, new tee(s)


Thanks for sticking with me this long. Looks like it is getting warmer out, and that means you can proudly wear your OMUNKY shirts to all kinds of gatherings. People will remember you (or at least your shirt) when they see you strutting your stuff in your OMUNKY tee. Be prepared to be randomly approached when you are out and about. These shirts seriously do cause people to want to get to know you.

Is anyone else happy it’s April? I was so over the cold weather, and I am ready to enjoy myself with a little sun and happiness. I don’t think I will ever like the winter months as much as I do the warmer (and dare I say, happier) months of spring and summer. I am also happy because I sell primarily warm-weather apparel and it will be nice to see more people enjoying their shirts.

I’ve Got a Surprise for You…

Be prepared to be flipped out! Not one, but TWO OMUNKY shirts are becoming available! (Well, sort of…)

MUNKY-Swing is a 100% new design from OMUNKY. It features a cool vine placement with some serious action going on across the shirt. For this design I am going to do something a little out of theordinary. I am not going to include a story. :-O

I want to leave this one up to interpretation. If I create a story for you I ultimately lead you in the direction I want you to go, and that means you don’t have to think as hard about the shirts you are wearing. Uh uh, no good! I think it would be better if I left you a blank slate to work with. Exercise your minds a little, come up with your own story for this shirt. Heck, if you tell me it, either by contacting me or posting it on OMUNKY’s facebook wall, I might just go ahead and include it in their! Also, a good thing to note, this shirt comes in youth sizes!

Now MUNKY-Tree is not a new shirt, I sort of bent the truth before when telling you about two new tees. So let’s not call this a new shirt, let’s say it’s an upgrade. This is “MUNKY-Tree version 2”. When I first got my old tree shirts back from my old printers I was not very satisfied with the way the whole tee turned out. I have gone back to the drawing board on this one and have created the MUNKY-Tree I have always wanted you to be able to own. This shirt (as well as the new shirt) is printed on the newer softer organic tees. What makes this shirt so special is that the ink is dicharged into the fabric, making it so that the entire shirt feels the same. This means not only will you not feel the print on the shirt, but you can wash it as many times as you’d like without ever losing the design. In fact, the design will probably outlast the shirt itself!

Both new shirts are available now at the OMUNKY store for $22.00. And like the previous releases, 5% of your order will be donated to WildAid.

Well look at that, this post is over. Short and sweet this time, huh? Thanks again everyone for showing your support for all these months. March was a great for OMUNKY in terms of exposure and growth, and I look forward to releasing shirt after shirt for your enjoyment.

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