May 2010 Newsletter


Guys! It’s May! OMG….it’s freakin’ May! Ahhhhh!

Ahem…..excuse me. I don’t normally get this way,  but a certain extroverted individual’s birthday happens to be in this month (not telling you when). So, forgive me if I am a little bit excited. Every year around this time I like to look back on how much my life has changed since my last b-day. The things that I have gone through this year have been crazy! It’s good to see that I have had a successful year!

We have a couple of beautiful days ahead of us in this region; I am looking forward to taking in some beautiful pre-summer sun this weekend. The weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous for the next few days. I hope it continues to be pleasant, and doesn’t revert back to the colder days we’ve had recently.

I’m sure you have figured it out by now…

What did you think this email was about? Me checking up on you? Seeing if all is well? I hope you’re doing fine, but no, I am here to present you with another fantastic OMUNKY shirt. This month, I give you a very cool looking shirt that you are sure to enjoy. Here is “MUNKY-Rhythm”!

We all get the same feeling. No matter what race, gender, age, or social group you belong to, there is always that amazing sensation that washes over your body when that perfect song comes on.

It just fits your mood exactly: the beat resonating through your very soul, causing you to bob or sway to the music almost instinctively.

It can turn a sour day into a tolerable one, a morning when you want to just crawl back into bed into a manageable situation.

Music is the universal language, and can soothe a savage beast (am I saying that right?).

Now the question I want answered is: if music is so wonderful, what must this munky be going through. I mean, he’s not even plugged in…

I have to say, I am really pleased with how well this shirt turned out. It will definitely be my new favorite OMUNKY tee to wear (Sorry Baboons n Butterflies). This is once again printed on the super fine jersey organic-cotton that you all have come to love. So, what are you waiting for? Get over to the shop and check it out!

Another straight-to-the-point newsletter for you fine MUNKY-heads. I hope you have a great month. Be on the lookout for some exciting surprises!

Thank you all for taking the time to enjoy my emails and to visit my website. Thank you more to those of you who are currently enjoying your OMUNKY tees.


Rick Waters

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2 Responses to May 2010 Newsletter

  1. Tara says:

    Very cute design!

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