OMUNKY heads to Brooklyn, rain follows…

The OMUNKY show last month at Becton Dickinson was a lot of fun. It was my first show (and it happened to fall on my birthday). But, what made OMUNKY’s first show in NJ so exciting was that  I had no idea what to expect, and was ultimately surprised at how well I did. It was a relatively small show, but do to the set-up and booth placements, it was great for traffic. People were constantly strolling by our booth and many were stopping to chat and purchase items.

With this success at such a small event, I was pretty sure when I headed to Brooklyn yesterday, I would be greeted by even more enthusiasm for my wares. Unfortunately, someone else decided to show up instead, rain. It came, it saw, it conquered, and it didn’t even sign up for my newsletter or take any business cards for future purchases. So…rude…

Well let’s start from the beginning. I woke up, or should I say, I flew out of bed when my alarm went off. I get like this when I am excited. No need for coffee or any other caffeinated beverages (although they are always welcome, especially Dunkin’ Donuts Iced coffee with cream and mocha syrup, yum). So, anyways, I bolted out of bed to get ready, and hit the road shortly after.

The trip from White Plains to Brooklyn took less time than I expected. We arrived a little early and decided to hang out at the cafe across the street from the event until it was time to set up. It was a cute little market, with a tent and a couple outside kiosks set up on the corner of Smith and Union Street.

Set-up took a lot less time than at the Green show, probably because we had a better idea of where things should go. Also there were a lot of things made available to us inside the tent such as places to hang my second OMUNKY sign and an industrial clothing rack, which put my one from Target to shame. So once we were all set up, we just relaxed and waited for what we thought would be a tornado of consumers. We waited….and waited….and waited…

A couple people stopped by our booth every now and then, but a steady flow of traffic never happened. The weather that was looming overhead made the day a very long and uneventful one. And when the rain showed up at around 1 or 2PM, we were sitting under shelter in a ghost town. And that is pretty much how the rest of the day went. Sure, we got a few sales and met some interesting people, but overall I would not consider this show a success.

I do want to take this time and thank the people running the BIM, as well as the other vendors. It is hard to maintain such a positive outlook when you are dealt such horrible cards, but their optimistic attitude made the show more enjoyable. Kathy, who ran the market, was especially nice. Thanks for the wine!

So round one: OMUNKY 0 Brooklyn 1, but we will definitely be back for more in a couple weeks.

Here is what we had to deal with

Stay tuned

Here is a nice excerpt from my favorite Eco-Friendly coffee-table reader, 365 Ways To Save The Earth by Phillipe Bourseiller:

Do not throw out your children’s old toys.

Unchecked cosumption of the world’s natural resources and increasing production waste are mostly because of the actions of the United States, Europe, and Japan, home to 20% of the world’s population. An American produces 1,460 pounds of household garbage per year, or about twice as a European, and 10 times as much as someone in a developing country. During its lifetime, a child born in an industrialized country will consume more resources and generate more pollution than 40 children in a developing country.

When your child outgrows a toy, it is pointless to keep it as a relic; encourage your child to donate old toys to charities, or to children’s hospitals or foundations, and explain the benefits of doing this” (1,21).

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2 Responses to OMUNKY heads to Brooklyn, rain follows…

  1. Clint says:

    That’s a bummer about all that rain. We actually had the opposite of bad luck the other weekend. We didn’t enter a street festival here in Chicago only to see great weather come in for the weekend and a missed opportunity. I’m still kicking myself for that one…

    Good luck on the next showing.

    – Clint

  2. omunky says:

    Thanks Clint,

    Yeah, it’s a roll of the dice with these shows and things like the weather (and the World Cup).

    The lady running the show was nice enough to invite me back for free, so I will try it out again.

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