Who likes Giraffes?

Greetings from MUNKY-HQ

Summer is here, and that means you need to stock up on your t-shirt collection. I’m sure you were all sitting at your computer desks, twiddling your thumbs, wondering which clothing site you could visit to stock up on cool, indie threads. Aren’t you glad I just wrote this!?

Anyways, welcome to July. This is a very special month for OMUNKY, because, on the 22nd, it will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe the shop that launched with only two recycled-cotton tees, could turn into the sweet eco-friendly store it is today. I cannot wait to see what year 2 will hold in terms of obstacles and surprises.

Are you ready for this?

Sorry for the disappointment last month due to the fact that I did not come out with a new design. I know some of you live and die based on the release of OMUNKY shirts 😉

But do not worry, there is a new OMUNKY tee for this month!

The release is special because I am using a shirt color that has never appeared in the store, red. I know what you are thinking, and yes, red is a popular color. But I am more of a blue fan, Image of Spots & Shadesas reflected in a lot of my shirt desgns. I thought I would change it up this month and give those of you who have requested it a shirt that really screams summer. The tee is called “Spots & Shades”, and it’s quite simply a giraffe with a very nice sense of style. It is available in men, women, and youth sizes, and is made from 100% certified organic-cotton! For those of you who love my super-soft tees and prints, you will not be disappointed with this new shirt. So head on over to the shop and pick up one of these bad boys.

Time to change things up a bit.

Some of you when you first read this will take it as bad news, but believe me, it is only the first step towards great things. This  shirt will mark the last monthly release from OMUNKY. (Hold for effect)

As I have written before, OMUNKY has been around almost a year. Except for June, that means I have released a new design every month for the last 12! If you count the fact that I launched the store with 2 designs, it means I have given you 12 different designs since I started. That is a lot of shirts for such a new company.

Doing a shirt a month has both pros and cons. Some of the positives include constant publicity. Since people knew to expect a shirt from me each month, I was getting great blog write-ups and mentions all the time. This is great for a company that just started because it means I am getting in the face of the consumer on a regular basis. New things always pique a person’s interest, and it was nice to see the high traffic to my site at the beginning of every month. For a new company, monthly releases are a good way to gain popularity.

The negatives to doing a shirt every month are just as formidable. First of all, it is expensive. Every month, no matter how well your sales were the month before, you have to be ready to spend more of it on a new design. This makes for a low profit-margin. This also meant it was harder for me to reprint shirts that were selling out, since I could only spend so much on prints and reprints. Also, there is a very small time-frame to get a design from thought to print-ready. I have felt on numerous occasions that I could have done much better on a design if I only had more time to work on it! This new format will give me the necessary window to make even better OMUNKY tees for you to enjoy. 🙂

All in all, I haven’t quite decided whether I want to switch to strictly seasonal releases, or if I just want to release new shirts randomly. I would really like to hear your opinion on this matter. If you want to chime in with your thoughts, you can just reply to this newsletter.


Guys, this is just amazing. I really had no idea what to expect when I thought about starting a clothing company over a year ago. I certainly didn’t think I would be writing to as many people as I am right now. They say that most indie clothing companies shut down within the first year, and that if you can survive for longer than that, then you might have something worth keeping. Well your continued support has shown me that OMUNKY isn’t going anywhere. I hope your purchases are bringing you as much enjoyment as I had when the ideas to make them first popped into my head.

Stay tuned for some great things to come,


Rick Waters

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1 Response to Who likes Giraffes?

  1. Clint says:

    Hey Rick!

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary and new t-shirt. Wish you the best for the coming year 🙂

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