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A few Pics from out Market in McCarren Show

Just some pictures of OMUNKY’s last show in Brooklyn at McCarren Park. Continue reading

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Vote for my Threadless design!

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Thought you might find this interesting

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OMUNKY needs your Vote!

Hello MUNKY-Heads! Checking in over here to see how things are doing with you. I am also writing to ask for your aid. Simply click on the picture above, or use this link here, and vote for OMUNKY on the … Continue reading

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What a great idea!

Add one of these badges to your site or blog, and these guys will plant a tree! Sounds good to me! Click on the image for more information.

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New Year, New Ideas

So I injured my hand yesterday and have,¬†unfortunately,¬†found out that I can neither hold a pencil or operate a computer mouse correctly. This of course means that I will have to hold off on the design aspect of this job … Continue reading

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New Stickers Have Arrived

Just wanted to take the time to show you the new OMUNKY promotional stickers. I will be including a few in every order. Enjoy!

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Web Hits

Hello all! So I am starting to get some attention from the web. Tshirt bloggers and reviewers are starting to talk about OMUNKY and it is wonderful! Recently I have started to do a lot of OMUNKY publicity, contacting various … Continue reading

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So I Need an Accountant

Man this business stuff is hard…haha. Ok lets not start things off like that! Hi guys, and welcome to my second posting! I am currently setting everything up for omunky (bank accounts, cc, websites etc.) and its very exciting. But … Continue reading

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